Subject Knowledge, Thesaurus-assisted Query Expansion and Search Success

10 years 4 months ago
Subject Knowledge, Thesaurus-assisted Query Expansion and Search Success
This study explored how experts and novices in pedagogics expanded queries supported by the ERIC thesaurus, and how this was connected to the search success in an easy and a difficult search task. The expert group consisted of 15 undergraduates in pedagogy and the novice group of 15 students with no studies in this field. Their search logs were recorded and a pre- and post-search interview was conducted. The results show that the number and type of terms selected from the thesaurus for expansion by experts improved search effectiveness, whereas there were no connections between the use of thesaurus and improvement of effectiveness among novices. Thus, a vital condition for benefiting a thesaurus in query expansion to improve search results is sufficient familiarity with the search topic. The results suggest also that it is not in the first place the number of terms used in expansion, but their type and quality which is crucial for search success.
Anne Sihvonen, Pertti Vakkari
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Type Conference
Year 2004
Where RIAO
Authors Anne Sihvonen, Pertti Vakkari
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