On the Suitable Domain for SVM Training in Image Coding

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On the Suitable Domain for SVM Training in Image Coding
Conventional SVM-based image coding methods are founded on independently restricting the distortion in every image coefficient at some particular image representation. Geometrically, this implies allowing arbitrary signal distortions in an n-dimensional rectangle defined by the -insensitivity zone in each dimension of the selected image representation domain. Unfortunately, not every image representation domain is well-suited for such a simple, scalar-wise, approach because statistical and/or perceptual interactions between the coefficients may exist. These interactions imply that scalar approaches may induce distortions that do not follow the image statistics and/or are perceptually annoying. Taking into account these relations would imply using non-rectangular insensitivity regions (allowing coupled distortions in different coefficients), which is beyond the conventional SVM formulation. In this paper, we report a condition on the suitable domain for developing efficient SVM image c...
Gustavo Camps-Valls, Juan Gutierrez, Gabriel G&oac
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Type Journal
Year 2008
Where JMLR
Authors Gustavo Camps-Valls, Juan Gutierrez, Gabriel Gómez-Pérez, Jesus Malo
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