Supershape Recovery from 3D Data Sets

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Supershape Recovery from 3D Data Sets
In this paper, we apply supershapes and R-functions to surface recovery from 3D data sets. Individual supershapes are separately recovered from a segmented mesh. R-functions are used to perform Boolean operations between the reconstructed parts to obtain a single implicit equation of the reconstructed object that is used to define a global error reconstruction function. We present surface recovery results ranging from single synthetic data to real complex objects involving the composition of several supershapes and holes.
Andrei V. Gribok, Frédéric Truchetet
Added 22 Oct 2009
Updated 22 Oct 2009
Type Conference
Year 2006
Where ICIP
Authors Andrei V. Gribok, Frédéric Truchetet, Mongi A. Abidi, Sebti Foufou, Yohan D. Fougerolle
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