Supporting air traffic control collaboration with a TableTop system

10 years 1 months ago
Supporting air traffic control collaboration with a TableTop system
Collaboration is key to safety and efficiency in Air Traffic Control. Legacy paper-based systems enable seamless and non-verbal collaboration, but trends in new software and hardware for ATC tend to separate controllers more and more, which hinders collaboration. This paper presents a new interactive system designed to support collaboration in ATC. We ran a series of interviews and workshops to identify collaborative situations in ATC. From this analysis, we derived a set of requirements to support collaboration: support mutual awareness, communication and coordination, dynamic task allocation and simultaneous use with more than two people. We designed a set of new interactive tools to fulfill the requirements, by using a multi-user tabletop surface, appropriate feedthrough, and reified and partially accomplishable actions. Preliminary evaluation shows that feedthrough is important, users benefit from a number of tools to communicate and coordinate their actions, and the tabletop is a...
Stéphane Conversy, Hélène Gas
Added 13 May 2011
Updated 13 May 2011
Type Journal
Year 2011
Where CSCW
Authors Stéphane Conversy, Hélène Gaspard-Boulinc, Stéphane Chatty, Stéphane Valès, Carole Dupré, Claire Ollagnon
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