Surface interpolation of meshes by geometric subdivision

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Surface interpolation of meshes by geometric subdivision
Subdivision surfaces are generated by repeated approximation or interpolation from initial control meshes. In this paper, two new nonlinear subdivision schemes, face based subdivision scheme and normal based subdivision scheme, are introduced for surface interpolation of triangular meshes. With a given coarse mesh more and more details will be added to the surface when the triangles have been split and refined. Because every intermediate mesh is a piecewise linear approximation to the final surface, the first type of subdivision scheme computes each new vertex as the solution to a least square fitting problem of selected old vertices and their neighboring triangles. Consequently, sharp features as well as smooth regions are generated automatically. For the second type of subdivision, the displacement for every new vertex is computed as a combination of normals at old vertices. By computing the vertex normals adaptively, the limit surface is G1 smooth. The fairness of the interpolating...
Xunnian Yang
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Year 2005
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Authors Xunnian Yang
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