Survey on Concern Separation in Service Integration

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Survey on Concern Separation in Service Integration
Abstract. Ever-changing business processes in large software systems, integration of heterogeneous data sources as well as the desire for legacy service integration drive software design towards reusable, platform-independent, webaccessible microservices. Such independently deployable services provide an interface for retrieval and data manipulation in machine-readable formats. While this approach brings many advantages from the perspective of service integration aiming to separate data manipulation from business processing, the standard approaches provide only limited structural semantics and constraints provided through the interface. This leads to considerable information restatement and repeated decisions in integrating components, which considerably impacts development and maintenance efforts. Integration component operability becomes highly sensitive to interaction with underlying services, which are possibly composed of other services. The sensitivity is especially apparent in t...
Tomás Cerný, Michael J. Donahoo
Added 09 Apr 2016
Updated 09 Apr 2016
Type Journal
Year 2016
Authors Tomás Cerný, Michael J. Donahoo
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