A Survey of Ontology Learning Procedures

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A Survey of Ontology Learning Procedures
Abstract. Ontologies constitute an approach for knowledge representation that can be shared establishing a shared vocabulary for different applications and are also the backbone of the Semantic Web. Thus a fast and efficient ontology development is a requirement for the success of many knowledge based systems and for the Semantic Web itself. However, ontology development is a difficult and time consuming task. Ontology learning is an approach for the problem of knowledge acquisition bottleneck that aims at reducing the cost of ontology construction through the development of automatic methods for the extraction of knowledge about a specific domain and its representation in an ontology like structure. This paper provides a discussion on existing ontology learning techniques and the state of the art of the field. Key words: Ontologies; Ontology Learning; Machine Learning; Knowledge Acquisition
Lucas Drumond, Rosario Girardi
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Type Conference
Year 2008
Authors Lucas Drumond, Rosario Girardi
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