A survey of research and practices of Network-on-chip

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A survey of research and practices of Network-on-chip
resents a perspective on existing NoC research. We define the following abstractions: system, network adapter, network, and link to explain and structure the fundamental concepts. First, research relating to the actual network design is reviewed. Then system level design and modeling are discussed. We also evaluate performance analysis techniques. The research shows that NoC constitutes a unification of current trends of intrachip communication rather than an explicit new alternative. Categories and Subject Descriptors: A.1 [Introductory and Survey]; B.4.3 [Input/Output and Data-Communications]: Interconnections; B.7.1 [Integrated Circuits]: Types and Design Styles; C.5.4 [Computer System Implementation]: VLSI Systems; C.2.1 [Computer-Communication Networks]: Network Architecture and Design; C.0 [General]: System Architectures General Terms: Design Additional Key Words and Phrases: Chip-area networks, communication-centric design, communication ions, GALS, GSI design, interconnects, ne...
Tobias Bjerregaard, Shankar Mahadevan
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Type Journal
Year 2006
Where CSUR
Authors Tobias Bjerregaard, Shankar Mahadevan
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