Synchronous Kleene algebra

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Synchronous Kleene algebra
The work presented here investigates the combination of Kleene algebra with the synchrony model of concurrency from Milner's SCCS calculus. The resulting algebraic structure is called synchronous Kleene algebra. Models are given in terms of sets of synchronous strings and finite automata accepting synchronous strings. The extension of synchronous Kleene algebra with Boolean tests is presented together with models on sets of guarded synchronous strings and the associated automata on guarded synchronous strings. Completeness w.r.t. the standard interpretations is given for each of the two new formalisms. Decidability follows from completeness. Kleene algebra with synchrony should be included in the class of true concurrency models. In this direction, a comparison with Mazurkiewicz traces is made which yields their incomparability with synchronous Kleene algebras (one cannot simulate the other). On the other hand, we isolate a class of pomsets which captures exactly synchronous Klee...
Cristian Prisacariu
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Year 2010
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Authors Cristian Prisacariu
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