Synthesis of Embedded Software Using Free-Choice Petri Nets

12 years 7 months ago
Synthesis of Embedded Software Using Free-Choice Petri Nets
Software synthesis from a concurrent functional specification is a key problem in the design of embedded systems. A concurrent specification is well-suited for medium-grained partitioning. However, in order to be implemented in software, concurrent tasks need to be scheduled on a shared resource (the processor). The choice of the scheduling policy mainly depends on the specification of the system. For pure dataflow specifications, it is possible to apply a fully static scheduling technique, while for algorithms containing data-dependent control structures, like the if-then-else or while-do constructs, the dynamic behaviour of the system cannot be completely predicted at compile time and some scheduling decisions are to be made at run-time. For such applications we propose a Quasi-static scheduling (QSS) algorithm that generates a schedule in which run-time decisions are made only for data-dependent control structures. We use Free Choice Petri Nets (FCPNs), as underlying model, and def...
Marco Sgroi, Luciano Lavagno
Added 13 Nov 2009
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Type Conference
Year 1999
Where DAC
Authors Marco Sgroi, Luciano Lavagno
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