Synthesizing the Mediator with jABC/ABC

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Synthesizing the Mediator with jABC/ABC
Abstract. In this paper we show how to apply a tableau-based software composition technique to automatically generate the mediator's service logic. This uses an LTL planning (or configuration) algorithm originally embedded in the ABC and in the ETI platforms. The algorithm works on the basis of the existing jABC library of available services (SIB library) and of an enhanced description of their semantics given in terms of a taxonomic classification of their behaviour ) and abstract interfaces/messages (types). 1 The SWS Challenge Mediator The ongoing Sematic Web Service Challenge [19] proposes a number of increasingly complex scenarios for workflow-based service mediation and service discovery. We use here the technology presented in [10] to synthesise a process that realizes the communication layer for the Challenge's initial mediation scenario. In this scenario, a customer (technically, a client) initiates a Purchase Order Request specified by a special message format (Rose...
Tiziana Margaria
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Year 2008
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Authors Tiziana Margaria
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