A synthetic axiomatization of Map Theory

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A synthetic axiomatization of Map Theory
This paper presents a substantially simplified axiomatization of Map Theory and proves the consistency of this axiomatization (called MT) in ZFC under the assumption that there exists an inaccessible ordinal. Map Theory axiomatizes lambda calculus plus Hilbert’s epsilon operator. All theorems of ZFC set theory including the axiom of foundation are provable in Map Theory, and if one omits Hilbert’s epsilon operator from Map Theory then one is left with a computer programming language. Map Theory fulfills Church’s original aim of lambda calculus. Map Theory is suited for reasoning about classical mathematics as well as computer programs. Furthermore, Map Theory is suited for eliminating the barrier between classical mathematics and computer science rather than just supporting the two fields side by side. Map Theory axiomatizes a universe of “maps”, some of which are “wellfounded”. The class of wellfounded maps in Map Theory corresponds to the universe of sets in ZFC. Th...
Chantal Berline, Klaus Grue
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Year 2016
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Authors Chantal Berline, Klaus Grue
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