Systematizing medical alerts

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Systematizing medical alerts
The current Swedish regulations for medical alerts in health records were designed for paper records. Suggestions for computerized systems are now being investigated. A proposed model using three alert categories, graphically represented using three directions, probably combined with three severity levels is presented here. Up represents hypersensitivities, left/back represents alerting diagnosis and right/forward represents alerting current and planned treatments. A small qualitative user study of the alert classification model and some graphical representations of it was conducted. One main finding is that most respondents found the use of directions intuitive as a means of presenting categories. Context dependency, information overload, and future possibilities for automated alertgathering are also discussed in the paper. Keywords. Medical Warnings, EPR-CPR-EMR, Patient Safety, User-computer interface, Data acquisition- data capture, Graphical Representation Background To avoid expo...
Mattias Pettersson, Jenny Wihlborg, Rikard Lö
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Type Conference
Year 2008
Where MIE
Authors Mattias Pettersson, Jenny Wihlborg, Rikard Lövström, Erik Sundvall, Mikael Nyström, Daniel Karlsson
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