Tag-geotag correlation in social networks

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Tag-geotag correlation in social networks
This paper presents an analysis of the correlation of annotated information unit (textual) tags and geographical identification metadata geotags. Despite the increased usage of geotagging in collaborative tagging systems, most current research focuses on textual tagging alone in solving the tag search problem. This may result in difficulties to search for precise and relevant information within the given tag space. For example, inconsistencies like polysemy, synonyms, and word inflections with plural forms complicate the tag search problem. Therefore, more work needs to be done to include geotag information with existing tagging information for analysis. In this paper, to make geotagging possible to be used in analysis with tagging, we prove that there is a strong correlation between tagging and geotagging information. Our approach uses tag similarity and geographical distribution similarity to determine inter-relationships among tags and geotags. From our initial experiments, we show...
Sang Su Lee, Dongwoo Won, Dennis McLeod
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Updated 12 Oct 2010
Type Conference
Year 2008
Where CIKM
Authors Sang Su Lee, Dongwoo Won, Dennis McLeod
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