TaxoMap in the OAEI 2007 Alignment Contest

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TaxoMap in the OAEI 2007 Alignment Contest
This paper presents our first participation in the OAEI 2007 campaign. It describes an approach to align taxonomies which relies on terminological and structural techniques applied sequentially. We performed our method with various taxonomies using our prototype, TaxoMap. Previous experimental results were encouraging and demonstrate the relevance of this alignment approach. In this paper, we evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of TaxoMap in the context of the OAEI campaign where the ontologies to align are different from taxonomies we are used to deal with. 1 TaxoMap: Context The increasing amount of information sources available on the Web requires techniques providing integration. Ontologies define concepts relative to particular application domains. They have become central in information integration because they allow description of content of integrated sources and make the vocabulary to be used in the queries explicit. The ontology alignment task (correspondences or mapping...
Haïfa Zargayouna, Brigitte Safar, Chantal Rey
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Type Conference
Year 2007
Authors Haïfa Zargayouna, Brigitte Safar, Chantal Reynaud
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