A Taxonomy for RFID

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A Taxonomy for RFID
—Ben Clacy and Brian Jennings presented their recently published paper with the title of “service management: driving the future of IT” [1], which highlighted service oriented is very important. How is the situation of RFID systems? There is a proliferation of RFID systems – tags, sensors, readers, middleware and applications - each attempting to solve a specific business need. RFID technology can be found embedded in almost everything from razor blade packages, clothing and books to prescription medicines to parts of an aircraft, indeed it forms a new area titled silent-commerce (s-Commerce). Despite the pervasive nature of RFID, surveys have consistently shown a lack of RFID awareness, an overall lack of understanding and general confusion about what it actually is, its capabilities and limitations. This is due in part to a lack of a comprehensive, principles-based and systematic RFID classification scheme. This paper makes its contribution that first proposes taxonomy of cur...
Taimur Hassan, Samir Chatterjee
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Type Conference
Year 2006
Authors Taimur Hassan, Samir Chatterjee
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