Tele-assembly in Wide Remote Environments

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Tele-assembly in Wide Remote Environments
Telepresence offers considerable advantages in the remote execution of maintenance assignments. In this work a telepresence system is presented that allows to perform assembly tasks in remote and extensive environments. This system comprises a telemanipulator with two anthropomorphic 7-DOF arms controlled by a hyper-redundant 10-DOF haptic display. Dexterous manipulation capabilities are achieved by employing 3-finger grippers at the teleoperator site and data gloves at the operator site. An omnidirectional mobile platform provides the teleoperator with locomotion abilities. The platform motion is controlled via a specifically designed 3DOF pedal. In this paper a description of the overall teleoperation system is given, and details and results of an experiment involving locomotion, navigation and dexterous manipulation are presented.
Angelika Peer, Bartlomiej Stanczyk, Ulrich Unterhi
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Type Conference
Year 2006
Where IROS
Authors Angelika Peer, Bartlomiej Stanczyk, Ulrich Unterhinninghofen, Martin Buss
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