Temporal View Self-Maintenance

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Temporal View Self-Maintenance
Warehouse view self-maintenance refers to maintaining materialized views at a data warehouse without accessing source data. Self-maintenance has been studied for nontemporal views, but is even more important when a warehouse stores temporal views over the history of source data, since the source history needed to perform view maintenance may no longer exist. This paper tackles the self-maintenance problem for temporal views. We show how to derive auxiliary data to be stored at the warehouse so that the warehouse views and auxiliary data can be maintained without accessing the sources, and we give algorithms for incremental self-maintenance of all warehouse data. The temporal view self-maintenance problem is considerably harder than the nontemporal case because a temporal view may need to be maintained not only when source data is modified but also as time advances, and these two dimensions of change interact in subtle ways. We must take both dimensions and their potential interactions...
Jun Yang 0001, Jennifer Widom
Added 24 Aug 2010
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Type Conference
Year 2000
Where EDBT
Authors Jun Yang 0001, Jennifer Widom
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