Testing Component-Based Real Time Systems

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Testing Component-Based Real Time Systems
This paper focuses on studying efficient solutions for modeling and deriving compositional tests for component-based real-time systems. In this work, we propose a coherent framework that does not require the computation of the synchronous product (composition) of components, and therefore avoids a major bottleneck in this class of test. For this framework, we introduce an approach and associated algorithm. In our approach, the overall behavior of the system is obtained by restricting free runs of components to those involving interactions between them. This restriction is achieved through the use of a particular component called assembly controller. For the generation algorithm, compositional test cases are derived from the assembly controller model using symbolic analysis. This reduces the state space size (a practical size) and enables the generation of sequences which cover all critical interaction scenarios.
Rachid Bouaziz, Ismail Berrada
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Type Conference
Year 2008
Where SNPD
Authors Rachid Bouaziz, Ismail Berrada
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