A Theory of Active Object Localization

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A Theory of Active Object Localization
We present some theoretical results related to the problem of actively searching for a target in a 3D environment, under the constraint of a maximum search time. We define the object localization problem as the maximization over the search region of the Lebesgue integral of the scene structure probabilities. We study variants of the problem as they relate to actively selecting a finite set of optimal viewpoints of the scene for detecting and localizing an object. We do a complexity-level analysis and show that the problem variants are NP-Complete or NP-Hard. We study the tradeoffs of localizing vs. detecting a target object, using singleview and multiple-view recognition, under imperfect deadreckoning and an imperfect recognition algorithm. These results motivate a set of properties that efficient and reliable active object localization algorithms should satisfy.
Alexander Andreopoulos, John K. Tsotsos
Added 13 Jul 2009
Updated 10 Jan 2010
Type Conference
Year 2009
Where ICCV
Authors Alexander Andreopoulos, John K. Tsotsos
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