The Theory of Timed Automata

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The Theory of Timed Automata
Abstract. We consider an optimal-reachability problem for a timed automaton with respect to a linear cost function which results in a weighted timed automaton. Our solution to this optimization problem consists of reducing it to a (parametric) shortest-path problem for a finite directed graph. The directed graph we construct is a refinement of the region automaton due to Alur and Dill. We present an exponential time algorithm to solve the shortest-path problem for weighted timed automata starting from a single state, and a doubly-exponential time algorithm to solve this problem starting from a zone of the state space.
Rajeev Alur, David L. Dill
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Updated 27 Aug 2010
Type Conference
Year 1991
Where REX
Authors Rajeev Alur, David L. Dill
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