Three Learnable Models for the Description of Language

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Three Learnable Models for the Description of Language
Abstract. Learnability is a vital property of formal grammars: representation classes should be defined in such a way that they are learnable. One way to build learnable representations is by making them objective or empiricist: the structure of the representation should be based on the structure of the language. Rather than defining a function from representation to language we should start by defining a function from the language to the representation: following this strategy gives classes of representations that are easy to learn. We illustrate this approach with three classes, defined in analogy to the lowest three levels of the Chomsky hierarchy. First, we recall the canonical deterministic finite automaton, where the states of the automaton correspond to the right congruence classes of the language. Secondly, we define context free grammars where the non-terminals of the grammar correspond to the syntactic congruence classes, and where the productions are defined by the sy...
Alexander Clark
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Year 2010
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