Throughput and delay optimization in interference-limited multihop networks

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Throughput and delay optimization in interference-limited multihop networks
The performance of a multihop wireless network is typically affected by the interference caused by transmissions in the same network. In a statistical fading environment, the interference effects become harder to predict. Information sources in a multihop wireless network can improve throughput and delay performance of data streams by implementing interference-aware packet injection mechanisms. Forcing packets to wait at the head of queues and coordinating packet injections among different sources enable effective control of co-packet interference. In this paper, throughput and delay performance in interference-limited multi-hop networks is analyzed. Using non-linear probabilistic hopping models, waiting times which jointly optimize the performance are derived. Optimally coordinated injection strategies are also investigated as functions of the number of information sources and their separations. Obtained results provide guidelines for the placement of relay nodes in multihop wireless...
Ahmed Bader, Eylem Ekici
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Type Conference
Year 2006
Authors Ahmed Bader, Eylem Ekici
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