Time-neutrosophic soft set and its applications

3 years 6 months ago
Time-neutrosophic soft set and its applications
In 2013 Ayman A. Hazaymeh in his PhD thesis introduced the concept of timefuzzy soft set as a generalization of fuzzy soft set. In this paper and as a generalization of neutrosophic soft set we introduce the concept of time-neutrosophic soft set and study some of its properties. We also, define its basic operations, complement, union intersection, ”AND” and ”OR” and study their properties. Also, we give hypothetical application of this concept in decision making problems. Keywords. neutrosophic set; soft set; neutrosophic soft set; time-neutrosophic soft set
Shawkat Alkhazaleh
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Updated 06 Apr 2016
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Year 2016
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Authors Shawkat Alkhazaleh
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