Timers for Distributed Systems

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Timers for Distributed Systems
We deal with temporal aspects of distributed systems, introducing and studying a new model called timed distributed -calculus. This model extends distributed -calculus with timers, transforming the communication channels into temporary resources. Distributed -calculus describes located interactions between processes with restricted access to resources. We introduce time constraints by considering timeout timers for channels. Combining these timers with types and locations, we provide a formal framework able to describe complex systems with constraints on time and on resource access. Its typing system and operational semantics are presented. It is proved that the passage of time does not interfere with the typing system. The new model is proved to be sound by using a method based on subject reduction. Key words: timers, typing system, locations, subject reduction
Gabriel Ciobanu, Cristian Prisacariu
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Updated 12 Dec 2010
Type Journal
Year 2006
Authors Gabriel Ciobanu, Cristian Prisacariu
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