tmPVM - Task Migratable PVM

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tmPVM - Task Migratable PVM
In this paper we introduce an implementation of PVM that exploits the homogeneity of a MPP network with userlevel task migration. The target machine is the Fujitsu AP3000. It is basically a network of Sun workstations connected by a high-speed network. Furthermore, we explore the possibility of allowing the PVM host configuration to expand dynamically so as to include idle nodes into the virtual machine. The result is tmPVM, which allows the virtual machine to re-distribute workload dynamically with low overhead.
C. P. Tan, Weng-Fai Wong, Chung-Kwong Yuen
Added 03 Aug 2010
Updated 03 Aug 2010
Type Conference
Year 1999
Where IPPS
Authors C. P. Tan, Weng-Fai Wong, Chung-Kwong Yuen
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