TNT: a numeric keypad based text input method

12 years 5 months ago
TNT: a numeric keypad based text input method
With the evolving functionality in television-based (TVbased) information and entertainment appliances, there is an increased need to enable users input text through remote control devices. We present a novel text input method, The Numpad Typer (TNT), for interactive TV, multimedia home terminals or other similar applications. Embodied in a TV remote control and guided by a visual map on the TV screen, TNT was designed for consistent spatial StimuliResponse (S-R) compatibility and consistency of use. Five users tested TNT in ten sessions of 45-minutes. This initial investigation showed that users on average could type 9.3 and 17.7 correct words per minute with TNT doing the slowest and the fastest session respectively. The study also showed that the users found the TNT method easy to grasp and fun to use. Subjectively the participants felt they mastered the method rather quickly in comparison to their actual speed improvement. Keywords H.5.2 Information Interfaces and Presentation: Us...
Magnus Ingmarsson, David Dinka, Shumin Zhai
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Type Conference
Year 2004
Where CHI
Authors Magnus Ingmarsson, David Dinka, Shumin Zhai
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