Tomographic Considerations in Ensemble Bias/Variance Decomposition

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Tomographic Considerations in Ensemble Bias/Variance Decomposition
Abstract. Classifier decision fusion has been shown to act in a manner analogous to the back-projection of Radon transformations when individual classifier feature sets are non or partially overlapping. It is possible, via this analogy, to demonstrate that standard linear classifier fusion introduces a morphological bias into the decision space due to the implicit angular undersampling of the feature selection process. In standard image-based (eg medical) tomography, removal of this bias involves a filtration process, and an analogous n-dimensional processes can be shown to exist for decision fusion using H¨ogbom deconvolution. Countering the biasing process implicit in linear fusion, however, is the fact that back projection of Radon transformation (being additive) should act to reduce variance within the composite decision space. In principle, this additive variance-reduction should still apply to tomographicallyfiltered back-projection, unless the filtration process contraven...
David Windridge
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Year 2010
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