Tool Support for Refactoring Duplicated OO Code

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Tool Support for Refactoring Duplicated OO Code
Code duplication is an important problem in application maintenance. Tools exist that support code duplication detection. However, few of them propose a solution for the problem, i.e. refactorings. We propose an approach that uses the information given by code duplication detection to guide the refactorings of OO applications. 1 Code Duplication and Refactorings: Two Poles of a Magnet Code duplication is a well-known problem in software maintenance, bloating up source code and complicating the extermination of errors. Tool support exists that helps to identify the duplicated code [Joh93, Bak92, BYM+ 98, DRD99]. Refactorings are a way to transform an application in a behaviour preserving manner [Opd92]. Refactoring tools [RBJ97] support the elementary operations to transform code. Duplication is one important aspect of code where refactorings can be used to improve the source code. Very few tools, however, support corrections of systems plagued by duplicated code. In [Bak97, BYM+ 98], ...
Matthias Rieger, Stéphane Ducasse, Georges
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Type Conference
Year 1999
Authors Matthias Rieger, Stéphane Ducasse, Georges Golomingi
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