Top-Down K-Best A* Parsing

12 years 1 months ago
Top-Down K-Best A* Parsing
We propose a top-down algorithm for extracting k-best lists from a parser. Our algorithm, TKA is a variant of the kbest A (KA) algorithm of Pauls and Klein (2009). In contrast to KA, which performs an inside and outside pass before performing k-best extraction bottom up, TKA performs only the inside pass before extracting k-best lists top down. TKA maintains the same optimality and efficiency guarantees of KA, but is simpler to both specify and implement.
Adam Pauls, Dan Klein, Chris Quirk
Added 10 Feb 2011
Updated 10 Feb 2011
Type Journal
Year 2010
Where ACL
Authors Adam Pauls, Dan Klein, Chris Quirk
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