Topincs Wiki - A Topic Maps Powered Wiki

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Topincs Wiki - A Topic Maps Powered Wiki
Abstract. Topincs provides a RESTful web service interface for retrieval and manipulation of topic maps. A Topincs Server implementing the interface can host many stores, which are collections of topic maps. The Topincs Editor is a browser-based application that allows editing of topic maps. In this paper, the Topincs Wiki, another view on the content of a Topincs Store, is presented. Its purpose is to hide the Topic Maps paradigm from the user, thus simplifying the collaborative creation of topic maps. The Wiki still emphasizes formal statements. It uses ontological reflection to guide users to data conformity rather than enforcing it with a schema.
Robert Cerny
Added 09 Jun 2010
Updated 09 Jun 2010
Type Conference
Year 2007
Where TMRA
Authors Robert Cerny
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