TotalRank: ranking without damping

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TotalRank: ranking without damping
PageRank is defined as the stationary state of a Markov chain obtained by perturbing the transition matrix of a web graph with a damping factor that spreads part of the rank. The choice of is eminently empirical, but most applications use = 0.85; nonetheless, the selection of is critical, and some believe that link farms may use this choice adversarially. Recent results [1] prove that the PageRank of a page is a rational function of , and that this function can be approximated quite efficiently: this fact can be used to define a new form of ranking, TotalRank, that averages PageRanks over all possible 's. We show how this rank can be computed efficiently, and provide some preliminary experimental results on its quality and comparisons with PageRank. Categories and Subject Descriptors: G.2 [Discrete Mathematics]: Graph Theory; G.3 [Probability and Statistics]. General Terms: Algorithms, Experimentation, Measurement.
Paolo Boldi
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Type Conference
Year 2005
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Authors Paolo Boldi
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