Toward evolved flight

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Toward evolved flight
We present the first hardware-in-the-loop evolutionary optimization on an ornithopter. Our experiments demonstrate the feasibility of evolving flight through genetic algorithms and adaptable hardware, without the requirement for a thorough knowledge of the aerodynamics of flapping flight. In this research we successfully optimized forward velocity and basic efficiency on an actual hardware ornithopter. The ornithopter was flown integrated to a “whirling-arm” test apparatus, allowing lengthy experimental flights without the risk of crashing. Flapping rate and tail position were controlled by an evolutionary algorithm with feedback of forward velocity and motor power. The system evolved an unexpected optimal configuration. This paper discusses the development of the test apparatus and experimental results from the initial phase of research. Categories and Subject Descriptors I.2.9 [Artificial Intelligence]: Robotics – autonomous vehicles, commercial robots and applications, propel...
Rusty Hunt, Gregory Hornby, Jason D. Lohn
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Type Conference
Year 2005
Authors Rusty Hunt, Gregory Hornby, Jason D. Lohn
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