Toward A More Scalable End-User Scripting Language

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Toward A More Scalable End-User Scripting Language
End-user scripting languages are relatively easy to learn, but have limited expressive power. Tile-based scripting systems are particularly accessible to beginners, but usually are very limited in scope and usually lack extensibility, and for some tasks the tile idiom becomes cumbersome. Conventional programming languages used by computer professionals are far more powerful, but at the cost of additional complexity and limited environmental support, which place them out of the casual programmer’s reach. This paper presents TileScript, an attempt to combine the accessibility of a tile-based programming interface with the leverage of a full textual programming language and with a simple means of extension, making it potentially an appealing tool for the novice programmer without sacrificing any expressiveness. All TileScript programs, whether built originally with tiles or textually, can always be edited both graphically via a drag-and-drop tile interface and textually, and the user ...
Alessandro Warth, Takashi Yamamiya, Yoshiki Ohshim
Added 29 May 2010
Updated 29 May 2010
Type Conference
Year 2008
Where C5
Authors Alessandro Warth, Takashi Yamamiya, Yoshiki Ohshima, Scott Wallace
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