Toward Sound-Assisted Intrusion Detection Systems

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Toward Sound-Assisted Intrusion Detection Systems
Network intrusion detection has been generally dealt with using sophisticated software and statistical analysis, although sometimes it has to be done by administrators, either by detecting the intruders in real time or by revising network logs, making this a tedious and timeconsuming task. To support this, intrusion detection analysis has been carried out using visual, auditory or tactile sensory information in computer interfaces. However, little is known about how to best integrate the sensory channels for analyzing intrusion detection alarms. In the past, we proposed a set of ideas outlining the benefits of enhancing intrusion detection alarms with multimodal interfaces. In this paper, we present a simplified sound-assisted attack mitigation system enhanced with auditory channels. Results indicate that the resulting intrusion detection system effectively generates distinctive sounds upon a series of simple attack scenarios consisting of denial-of-service and port scanning.
Lei Qi, Miguel Vargas Martin, Bill Kapralos, Mark
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Type Conference
Year 2007
Where OTM
Authors Lei Qi, Miguel Vargas Martin, Bill Kapralos, Mark Green, Miguel A. Garcia-Ruiz
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