Towards Agent-Mediated Knowledge Management

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Towards Agent-Mediated Knowledge Management
Abstract. In this paper, we outline the relation between Knowledge Management (KM) as an application area on the one hand, and software agents as a basic technology for supporting KM on the other. We start by presenting characteristics of KM which account for some drawbacks of today’s – typically centralized – technological approaches for KM. We argue that the basic features of agents (social ability, autonomy, re- and proactiveness) can alleviate several of these drawbacks. A classification schema for the description of agent-based KM systems is established, and a couple of example systems are depicted in terms of this schema. The paper concludes with questions which we think research in Agentmediated Knowledge Management (AMKM) should deal with. 1 Agents and KM Knowledge Management (KM) is defined as a systematic, holistic approach for sustainably improving the handling of knowledge on all levels of an organization (individual, group, organizational, and inter-organizational ...
Ludger van Elst, Virginia Dignum, Andreas Abecker
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Type Conference
Year 2003
Where AMKM
Authors Ludger van Elst, Virginia Dignum, Andreas Abecker
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