Towards autonomic Web services

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Towards autonomic Web services
Autonomic Computing was introduced to reduce the complexity of managing computing systems; however, the heterogeneous nature existing in most computing systems introduces some difficulty to achieve this target. Moreover, the notion of service as a computing component that seamlessly collaborates with other services in a loosely-coupled manner to perform complicated tasks was introduced by Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA); and then, fertilized by Web Services that added open standards to different roles and operations involved in a community of services; however, in order to gain the expected benefits of Web Services, the latter should be able to survive in normal and abnormal conditions. Our research aims at finding a hyper solution to that two-dimensional problem by allowing both Autonomic Computing and Web Services paradigms to lend each other their distinct features. First, Web Services lend Autonomic Computing the concept of platformindependency; second, Autonomic Computing len...
Amir Zeid, Sherif A. Gurguis
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Type Conference
Year 2005
Authors Amir Zeid, Sherif A. Gurguis
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