Towards connectivity improvement in VANETs using bypass links

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Towards connectivity improvement in VANETs using bypass links
VANETs are ad hoc networks in which devices are vehicles moving at high speeds. This kind of network is getting more and more importance since it has many practical and important applications, like multimedia file sharing (e.g., maps, music, news, weather), or dissemination of alarm messages (e.g., accidents, traffic jams, bad road conditions). One important problem faced in ad hoc networks is network partitioning, causing the formation of isolated clusters, and preventing devices in different clusters from communicating. Usually, devices composing the ad hoc network are provided with other communication interfaces rather than Wi-Fi and/or Bluetooth that allow them to connect to remote devices, such as GPRS/HSDPA. Additionally, there exists some network infrastructure in cities or roads that could be used by VANETs (e.g. hotspots). By taking advantage of these technologies and infrastructures, devices could be able to form a hybrid network, establishing remote links between them (calle...
Bernabé Dorronsoro Díaz, Patricia Ru
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Type Conference
Year 2009
Where CEC
Authors Bernabé Dorronsoro Díaz, Patricia Ruiz, Grégoire Danoy, Pascal Bouvry, Lorenzo J. Tardón
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