Towards Hovering Information

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Towards Hovering Information
This paper introduces a new concept of information that can exist in a mobile environment with no fixed infrastructure and centralized servers, which we call the Hovering Information. This information will be capable of staying attached to a specific geographical point, hovering from one device to another for surviving or even moving from one place to another as defined by its creator or other factors. Its applications can be many. In this paper we describe two main scenarios: disaster areas and tagged world, discussing related issues such as persistency and reliability, distribution, consistency and security. 1 Concept In the future, we can safely assume that daily life objects and people will be equipped with a mobile device having large memory capacity, computing power and connected to a wireless highly speed network. Eventually the world will become a fully interconnected network where each person and object will be a node capable of creating, inserting, accessing, storing, process...
Alfredo A. Villalba Castro, Dimitri Konstantas
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Updated 22 Aug 2010
Type Conference
Year 2006
Authors Alfredo A. Villalba Castro, Dimitri Konstantas
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