Towards a "humans-first" computer science curriculum

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Towards a "humans-first" computer science curriculum
Traditionally, computer science education has considered “objects-first” or “imperative-first” approaches, with the focus of the course on teaching design of programs starting with data objects or imperative program flow, respectively. Yet with the number of computer science majors dwindling, and with the percentages of women and minorities on the decrease, it is time to consider a new approach that will encourage a larger and more diverse population to the computer science undergraduate major. In our work, we propose a “humans-first” approach, where core principles of human-computer interaction (HCI) are integrated in the computer science and information technology curricula—from the earliest stages of each curriculum through graduation—to provide a coherent, connected experience for students. Categories and Subject Descriptors K.3.2 [Computers and Education]: Computer and Information Science Education–accreditation, computer science education, curriculum, informati...
D. Scott McCrickard, Charles J. Fowler, Christa M.
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Type Conference
Year 2005
Authors D. Scott McCrickard, Charles J. Fowler, Christa M. Chewar
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