Towards Information Agent Interoperability

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Towards Information Agent Interoperability
Abstract. Currently, many kinds of information agents for di erent purposes exist. However, agents from di erent systems are still unable to cooperate, even if they accurately follow a common standard like FIPA, KIF or KQML. Being able to plug agents together with little e ort and exchange information easily, would be of a great use for several reasons. Among others, the agents could pro t from each others' services. In addition, certain aspects of multi-agent systems could be evaluated without needing to build a complete system. Testing agent systems with standard components would allow simpler comparison. Furthermore, building di erent agent-based applications would be simpli ed by combining new software with o the shelf"components. In this paper, we explore the feasibility of practical software development and integration of existing systems, without developing yet abstract agent architecture". 1 Motivation The demand for multi-agentsystems has initiated an increasing...
Stefan Haustein, Sascha Lüdecke
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Type Conference
Year 2000
Where CIA
Authors Stefan Haustein, Sascha Lüdecke
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