Towards On-Line Analytical Mining in Large Databases

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Towards On-Line Analytical Mining in Large Databases
Great e orts have been paid in the Intelligent Database Systems Research Lab for the research and development of e cient data mining methods and construction of on-line analytical data mining systems. Our work has been focused on the integration of data mining and OLAP technologies and the development of scalable, integrated, and multiple data mining functions. A data mining system, DBMiner,has been developed for interactive mining of multiple-level knowledge in large relational databases and data warehouses. The system implements a wide spectrum of data mining functions, including characterization, comparison, association, classi cation, prediction, and clustering. It also builds up a user-friendly, interactive data mining environment and a set of knowledge visualization tools. In-depth research has been performed on the e ciency and scalability of data mining methods. Moreover, the research has been extended to spatial data mining, multimedia data mining, text mining, and Web mining...
Jiawei Han
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Year 1998
Authors Jiawei Han
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