Towards Mobile Reasoning

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Towards Mobile Reasoning
Highly optimized reasoning support for Description Logics (DLs) has been developed during the past years. This paper presents our efforts to develop a reasoner suitable for mobile devices, namely mobile phones. This might become important upon the convergence of the mobile industry and the web, especially the semantic web. Details of the implementation and current limitations provide explanations to the differences in performance in comparison to one of the well-known desktop reasoners. 1 Motivation Mobile phones have become an ubiquitous companion for many users. There are western countries with more mobile contracts than inhabitants. The mobile industry is pushing users to adopt modern 3G services, i.e. to use the mobile phone as a client to messaging and news services. At the dawn of the semantic web we expect these messages to be semantically annotated. The device should be able to sort out unwanted messages and reduce the penetration of the user to messages of interest. We suggest...
Thomas Kleemann
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Type Conference
Year 2006
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Authors Thomas Kleemann
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