Towards Open Electronic Contracting

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Towards Open Electronic Contracting
AbstractAbstractAbstractAbstract A design and pilot implementation of a system, called InterProcs, supporting electronic contracting is presented. A key concept in the design of this system is the notion of electronic trade scenarios (or procedures), which are generic may be downloaded by the trading parties for a particular transaction. These scenarios may be fixed in structure, with simple parameter substitution, or they may also be designed to be customizable, within a certain range of flexibility, depending on the type of transaction. The system also includes multi-lingual text generation, in support of international trade transactions. Electronic ContractingElectronic ContractingElectronic ContractingElectronic ContractingElectronic Contracting Electronic commerce divides roughly into two main aspects: marketing and contracting. Electronic marketing focuses on promoting the firm’s products and services to customers, and is illustrated by various multi-media sites on the World Wi...
Ronald M. Lee
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Year 1998
Authors Ronald M. Lee
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