Towards PDE-Based Image Compression

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Towards PDE-Based Image Compression
While methods based on partial differential equations (PDEs) and variational techniques are powerful tools for denoising and inpainting digital images, their use for image compression was mainly focussing on pre- or postprocessing so far. In our paper we investigate their potential within the decoding step. We start with the observation that edge-enhancing diffusion (EED), an anisotropic nonlinear diffusion filter with a diffusion tensor, is well-suited for scattered data interpolation: Even when the interpolation data are very sparse, good results are obtained that respect discontinuities and satisfy a maximum– minimum principle. This property is exploited in our studies on PDE-based image compression. We use an adaptive triangulation method based on B-tree coding for removing less significant pixels from the image. The remaining points serve as scattered interpolation data for the EED process. They can be coded in a compact and elegant way that reflects the B-tree structure. Our...
Irena Galic, Joachim Weickert, Martin Welk, Andr&e
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Type Conference
Year 2005
Where VLSM
Authors Irena Galic, Joachim Weickert, Martin Welk, Andrés Bruhn, Alexander G. Belyaev, Hans-Peter Seidel
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