Towards Pervasive Robotics

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Towards Pervasive Robotics
Pervasive robotics will require, in a near future, small, light and cheap robots that exhibit complex behaviors. These demands led to the development of the M2-M4 Macaco project - a robotic active vision head. Macaco is a portable system, capable of emulating the head of different creatures both aesthetically and functionally. It integrates mechanisms for social interactions, autonomous navigation and object analysis. 1 Motivation One approach of AI is the development of robots whose embodiment and situatedness in the world evoke behaviors that obviate constant human supervision [Brooks, 1999]. With this in mind, we developed the M2-M4 Macaco project, which is described in this paper. M2-M4 Macaco is a robotic active, modular and compact system. This creature was designed to fit different mobile robot platforms or act as a standalone system. Another design goal was the portability of both the mechanical and electronic devices and its brain. Macaco characteristics make it a portable, ...
Artur M. Arsenio
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Type Conference
Year 2003
Authors Artur M. Arsenio
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