Towards Practical Typechecking for Macro Tree Transducers

10 years 2 months ago
Towards Practical Typechecking for Macro Tree Transducers
Macro tree transducers (mtt) are an important model that both covers many useful XML transformations and allows decidable exact typechecking. This paper reports our first step toward an implementation of mtt typechecker that has a practical efficiency. Our approach is to represent an input type obtained from a backward inference as an alternating tree automaton, in a style similar to Tozawa’s XSLT0 typechecking. In this approach, typechecking reduces to checking emptiness of an alternating tree automaton. We propose several optimizations (Cartesian factorization, state partitioning) on the backward inference process in order to produce much smaller alternating tree automata than the naive algorithm, and we present our efficient algorithm for checking emptiness of alternating tree automata, where we exploit the explicit representation of alternation for local optimizations. Our preliminary experiments confirm that our algorithm has a practical performance that can typecheck simple t...
Alain Frisch, Haruo Hosoya
Added 07 Jun 2010
Updated 07 Jun 2010
Type Conference
Year 2007
Where DBPL
Authors Alain Frisch, Haruo Hosoya
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