Towards service-oriented continuous queries in pervasive systems

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Towards service-oriented continuous queries in pervasive systems
Pervasive information systems give an overview of what digital environments should look like in the future. From a data-centric point of view, traditional databases have to be used alongside with non-conventional data sources like data streams, services and events. In this paper, we tackle the definition of continuous queries combining standard relations, data streams and services in a declarative language extending SQL. We first define virtual tables with binding patterns as a way to get a unified view of the pervasive environment. Relations, data streams and services can be homogeneously queried using a SQL-like language, on top of which query optimization can be performed. We also introduce a new clause defining the optimizing criteria to dynamically choose the best way to handle each event. R
Yann Gripay, Frédérique Laforest, Je
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Updated 12 Dec 2010
Type Journal
Year 2008
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Authors Yann Gripay, Frédérique Laforest, Jean-Marc Petit
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