Towards Social Dynamic Dependence Networks for Institutions

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Towards Social Dynamic Dependence Networks for Institutions
Social networks are structures that aim to represent the relationships among the actors of a society. In the multiagent model, these networks depict the dependencies among the agents. The dependencies reflect the relation between the goals of the agents and the agents who have the power to achieve them. Like any social structure, also a multiagent system can be regulated by a set of norms and institutional powers that form an institution. Differently than informal social networks, the institutional social structure has an inherent dynamic character which cannot be captured by the current dependence networks. The networks have to reflect the changes of dependencies among agents created by the exercise of institutional powers. The aim of this paper is to define more dynamic social networks. From a description of an agent system it is possible to build a static dependence netthe same way we describe how to pass from an abstract representation of what is an institution with its institution...
Serena Villata
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Year 2008
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