Towards a Spreadsheet Engineering

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Towards a Spreadsheet Engineering
In this paper, we report some on-going focused research, but are further keen to set it in the context of a proposed bigger picture, as follows. There is a certain depressing pattern about the attitude of industry to spreadsheet error research and a certain pattern about conferences highlighting these issues. Is it not high time to move on from measuring spreadsheet errors to developing an armoury of disciplines and controls? In short, we propose the need to rigorously lay the foundations of a spreadsheet engineering discipline. Clearly, multiple research teams would be required to tackle such a big task. This suggests the need for both national and international collaborative research, since any given group can only address a small segment of the whole. There are already a small number of examples of such on-going international collaborative research. Having established the need for a directed research effort, the rest of the paper then attempts to act as an exemplar in demonstrating...
V. R. Vemula, David Ball, Simon R. Thorne
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Type Journal
Year 2008
Where CORR
Authors V. R. Vemula, David Ball, Simon R. Thorne
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